At Wed, 13 Sep 2017 08:29:55 +0200, Gour wrote:
> I'm interested to learn and use Racket for desktop apps and after
> reading about the plan to use Chez Scheme as Racket's VM I wonder
> what are the implications of this step for the end users?
> Does Racket-on-Chez mean one will get the best of both worlds, iow.
> have Chez's performance, exectuables, multiple threads support etc.
> while still enjoying Racket's ecosystem - package manager,
> batteries-included, programming environment, excellent docs etc.

Yes, that's the goal. In the near term, the best-case scenario is that
existing Racket programs run on Chez Scheme and sometimes run faster
and/or in less memory.

The benefits within Racket's implementation are much greater in the
near term, since the new Racket layer is more maintainable and
adaptable, and that layer lives on a Chez Scheme base that is certainly
better than the part of the Racket that it replaces. Hopefully, this
internal restructuring will allow more people to contribute to Racket's
implementation, leading to a range of improvements for end users in the
long run.

> Otoh, I see that mflatt does contribute a lot to the Chez...

Only a few small things, and only recently.


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