On Thu, Sep 21, 2017 at 05:03:57PM -0400, 'John Clements' via users-redirect 
> Before I go re-inventing the wheel, I want to ask you folks: has anyone 
> written a library that prints out tabular data in a textual format?
> E.G: given 
> ‘((“a” “bcd” “ef”) (“gh” “hhu.thnt” “t”)
> returns
> "
> ----------------------
> | a  | bcd      | ef |
> | gh | hhu.thnt | t  |
> ———————————
> “
> (sorry about the horrible damage that Apple Mail inflicts upon this message.)
> … in the style of postgresql and similar display engines?
> It’s easy to write one of these, but if someone else has done it, it will 
> probably have nice bells and whistles that mine won’t.

Your example needs a fixed-width font.  Perhaps it would be usefu for it
to be able to produce HTML tables as well.

-- hendrik

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