Oh, I can guess what is happening. I've pushed something that will
avoid the error.

If you can open that file again and let check syntax complete and then
put your mouse over the last position in the file, I am guessing
you'll see some lost tooltips down there. Let me know what they are,
as there probably are other fixes to do...


On Sun, Sep 24, 2017 at 10:39 PM, John Clements
<cleme...@brinckerhoff.org> wrote:
> I have a file on which I’m getting this DrRacket internal error:
> interval-map-cons*!: start is not strictly less than end
>   im: (make-interval-map '(((390 . 410) #(struct:tooltip-info #(str...
>   start: 3201
>   end: 3201
>   obj: (tooltip-info (object:...ivate/get-extend.rkt:134:12 ...) 320...
>   context...:
> /Users/clements/racket/racket/share/pkgs/data-lib/data/interval-map.rkt:74:0: 
> interval-map-cons*!
> /Users/clements/racket/racket/share/pkgs/drracket/drracket/private/syncheck/gui.rkt:2076:10:
>  loop
> /Users/clements/racket/racket/share/pkgs/drracket/drracket/private/module-language.rkt:2299:6:
>  for-loop
> /Users/clements/racket/racket/share/pkgs/drracket/drracket/private/module-language.rkt:2234:24
> /Users/clements/racket/racket/share/pkgs/gui-lib/mred/private/wx/common/queue.rkt:454:6
> /Users/clements/racket/racket/share/pkgs/gui-lib/mred/private/wx/common/queue.rkt:505:32
> /Users/clements/racket/racket/share/pkgs/gui-lib/mred/private/wx/common/queue.rkt:653:3
> I’m guessing it won’t be helpful to have the file… but you never know. Here’s 
> the file on which it’s occurring.

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