According to profiling, the following sxml-handling function
(consolidate sxp) is a major bottleneck in my application. It
reduces all subsequent sxml text elements with the same attributes to
one and is part of exporting from text% to xml. 

I'm not used to optimizing Racket code. Does somebody have advice
on how to optimize this? 

 (define (mergable-text-elements? elem1 elem2)
      (and (equal? 'text (sxml:element-name elem2))
           (equal? 'text (sxml:element-name elem1))
           (equal? (sxml:attr-list elem1)
                   (sxml:attr-list elem2))))

    (define (merge-text-elements elem1 elem2)
      (define attr (sxml:attr-list-node elem1))
      (if attr
          `(,(sxml:element-name elem1)
            ,(string-append (sxml:text elem1)
                            (sxml:text elem2)))
          `(,(sxml:element-name elem1)
            ,(string-append (sxml:text elem1)
                            (sxml:text elem2)))))

    (define (consolidate sxp)
      (define (consolidate-aux li result)
          ((null? li) result)
          ((null? (cdr li)) (cons (first li) result))
           (if (mergable-text-elements? (first li) (second li))
               (consolidate-aux (cons (merge-text-elements (first li)
    (second li))(cddr li)) result)
               (consolidate-aux (cdr li)
                                (cons (first li) result))))))
      (reverse (consolidate-aux sxp '())))



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