A few other notes / tips:

- The `scribble/example` library is meant to replace the legacy 
`scribble/eval` library, as the `examples` form provided by 
`scribble/example` will make documentation building fail if example code 
throws an unexpected error.
- Did you add a `scribblings` field to your package's `info.rkt` module? If 
so just running `raco setup` from anywhere will render your docs; no need 
to `cd` into the right directory and fiddle with the scribble CLI. Unless 
you're doing that on purpose, in which case I'm curious why.
- It's simpler for package scribblings to import the package implementation 
module via its name instead of a relative path, e.g. `(require foo)` 
instead of `(require "../main.rkt")`. This means you don't have to worry 
about breaking relative paths when moving your documentation files around, 
and in particular it makes it easier to extract documentation into a 
separate `foo-doc` package if you find you want to do that.

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