Jack, thanks, what you write makes a whole lot more sense and fits with 
what I remember of scribble from the last time I scribbled, which was years 
ago.  I am delighted to find that scribble has many more interesting 
features these days.  My answers below:

On Friday, September 29, 2017 at 6:56:13 PM UTC-4, Jack Firth wrote:
> - The `scribble/example` library is meant to replace the legacy 
> `scribble/eval` library, as the `examples` form provided by 
> `scribble/example` will make documentation building fail if example code 
> throws an unexpected error.

Thanks, I'm doing that now.

> - Did you add a `scribblings` field to your package's `info.rkt` module? 
> If so just running `raco setup` from anywhere will render your docs; no 
> need to `cd` into the right directory and fiddle with the scribble CLI. 
> Unless you're doing that on purpose, in which case I'm curious why.

I didn't, but it's there, because `raco pkg new` did that for me.  As for 
`raco setup`, it does do a lot, but I just noticed it didn't regenerate my 
docs when I changed my scribblings/foo.scrbl file.  I'm currently trying to 
figure out how to do just that with resorting to my old contortions.  As 
for why I was doing things the contorted way I was, there was/is one 
benefit, quick turnaround when I make a small change to the foo.scrbl file 
and want to see the result immediately.

> - It's simpler for package scribblings to import the package 
> implementation module via its name instead of a relative path, e.g. 
> `(require foo)` instead of `(require "../main.rkt")`. This means you don't 
> have to worry about breaking relative paths when moving your documentation 
> files around, and in particular it makes it easier to extract documentation 
> into a separate `foo-doc` package if you find you want to do that.

I'm doing that now, I figured that out last night, and it does seem much 
more sane.

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