Here's a workflow that is working well for me, now that things have settled.

In a Racket window, I have my package foo's scribble source file open:  

I have the Package Manager open, and I keep it open, with the checkbox 
checked "Updates can replace existing installations," and with Package 
Source set to:  ~/github/foo/

I make a little change to my .scrbl file, Cmd-S to save, Cmd-R to run, 
basically to make sure Racket is happy with the syntax.  If all goes well, 
I press the Update button in the Package Manager, and it rebuilds just the 
code & docs particular to my package.

In my browser window, I keep 
open:  file:///Users/username/github/foo/doc/foo/index.html

I hit refresh in the browser window and see that my documentation change 
looks the way I want it to.

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