Welcome, Eric.

That "Intro Projects" github wiki page doesn't really distinguish between "here's a very beginner exercise for learning experience", "here's something that might be fun for you to do, and maybe someone else will use it someday", and "doing this would likely advance Racket significantly".

To respond to your question, some big things that would help make people reach for Racket first:

* Being there soon with a Web Assembly and HTML5 plus server full-stack story, in case developers respond favorably to that.

* Add support for developing general purpose slick iOS and Android apps easily (unfortunately, these effectively proprietary platforms with greedy app stores are very popular at the moment).

* Add support for developing certain kinds of money-making games (not general purpose apps) for iOS and Android (there is some money there, retro-looking graphics are OK, and students might be excited that their learning game school project can be launched in the app stores).

* Push DSL-based programming, for which Racket might already have the best technology.  (The other day, I saw someone looking to hire developers to use some DSL-based speculative methodology thing... in Ruby.)

* Find other application or technology niches that people want right now, and figure out some value-added support for them other than SaaS bindings that everyone else is doing.  Deep learning and other machine learning, traditional scientific/stats programming and visualization, voice AI-ish assistants, FPS video game engines, GPU targeting, etc.

* Simply doing a successful startup, and using Racket.  This gets Racket work paid for, you contribute back improvements motivated by real-world needs, and you talk in startup founder forums about how Racket was a win in some way.  Then we see whether it's still true that the startup does their initial version in a Lisp, then Yahoo buys it and rewrites it in Java. :)

* Similar to the startup bullet above, do "pilot projects" in Racket at your current company, or do your academic research with it.  One of the keys is to just use it, and the other key is to have funding for just using it.

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