Great topic!

Providing examples and tutorials around data analysis and visualisation in
Racket (and filling gaps and simplifying) gets my vote.

Another area that might be interesting is generating data-driven web-sites:
e.g. presenting questionnaires and quizzes.

I recently did a bit of consulting  work where I used:

   1. Racket to do some data preparation
   2. Google Forms to run a questionnaire based on the data (SurveyMonkey
   would have been an alternative)
   3. Racket to do some collation and data crunching on the answers
   4. Google Sheets to do some simple visualisation  (mainly for the heat
   mapping feature)
   5. gmail to assemble reports and post the results

It would have been very nice to replace some of the semi-manual non-Racket
steps with all-Racket or Racket-scripted (taking to external APIs).


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