I enjoyed your talk as well.

   1. In my adopted family (cousins), I lost a sister and a brother to 
   cancer.  The sister was a cancer researcher.  The topic of your talk is 
   from a personal point of view very compelling, and it is compelling for 
   many people I know.
   2. From a scientific point of view, the vision of what you're doing 
   fills a void.
   3. What you are doing sounds very hard.  You are doing things that big 
   storage companies say they don't want to do.  I can't tell if that is brave 
   or foolish of you, but you didn't seem terribly worried, and that too is 
   4. Given how much gene sequencing work has been done in Perl in the 
   past, and given the speed advantage of almost anything besides Perl for 
   very large data (I have some first-hand experience with large data and Perl 
   from the 1990s), I think it's great you're using Racket for anything even 
   remotely related to gene sequencing.

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