The documentation currently states:

"When DrRacket starts up, it looks for tools by reading fields in the info.rkt 
file of each collection and the newest version of each PLaneT package installed 
on the system. (Technically, DrRacket looks in a cache of the "info.rkt" files 
contents created by raco setup. Be sure to re-run raco setup if you change the 
contents of the info.rkt files). DrRacket checks for these fields:
        • drracket-tools: (listof (listof string [subcollection-name]))

        • drracket-tool-names: (listof (or/c #f string))

I think this should instead be

        • drracket-tools: (listof (list/c string [subcollection-name]))

…where the inner ‘listof’ is replaced by ‘list/c’. Is this correct? If so, I 
can make a pull request.

John Clements

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