At Mon, 23 Oct 2017 18:56:27 -0400, David Storrs wrote:
> The signature for build-path/convention-type is:
> [...]
> What gives?

The blue-box contract on `build-path/convention-type` in the
documentation does not encode all of the constraints of the function
(in much the same way that the blue-box contract on `vector-ref` doesn't
encode the constraint that the second argument is in bounds).

For both `build-path` and `build-path/convention-type`, strings are
always treated as paths for the current system --- and they're
converted to path values based on the current system's locale --- so
they cannot be mixed with paths using a different convention.

You can use byte strings and `bytes->path` to construct a path for any
convention. Unlike strings, byte strings can reliably encode paths.

> Also, while we're at it, what do REL and RED stand for in the docs?

They're short for "relative" and "relative to a drive", respectively.

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