Hello list,

I am trying to do namespace-require to a submodule, racket complains about
unknown module, as below:

$ cat go.rkt
#lang racket

(module food racket
  (provide apple)
    (define apple "pie"))

(parameterize ([current-namespace (make-base-namespace)])
  (namespace-require ''food)
    (eval 'apple))

$ racket go.rkt
require: unknown module
  module name: #<resolved-module-path:'food>

Simply namespace-require food in toplevel has the same issue:

#lang racket

(module food racket
  (provide apple)
    (define apple "pie"))

(namespace-require ''food)

Finally, the above code works if I type them in the interactive mode.

I tried namespace-attach-module, and I understand why that failed: it
didn't work because (module food racket ...) wouldn't instantiate the
module, and a instantiated module is what namespace-attach-module wants.

What is it that I am missing in above code to require a submodule in a
namespace? Why is submodule food invisible here?

- Junsong

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