> On Oct 30, 2017, at 9:43 AM, Masto Fine <thomaspierrard1...@gmail.com> wrote:
> bonjour , pouvez vous m'expliquer concretement comment utiliser require et 
> provide , et comment extraire seulement une partie d'un teachpack.

Good style proposes to use provide like this: 

#lang racket  ;; ‘server’ module 

  ;; Number -> Number 
  ;; the identify function on numbers 

  ;; Number -> Zero 
  ;; the 0 function on numbers 

;; - - - 
;; implementation 

(define (identity x)  (local-identity x))
(define (zero x)   0)

;; Number -> Number 
;; does some random stuff 
(define *return #f)
(define (local-identity x)
  (call/cc (lambda (return) (set! *return return) (*return (+ (- x 1) 1)))))

#lang racket ;; client 1
(require “server.rkt”)
;; now you see both identify and zero 

#lang racket ;; client 2 
(require (only-in “server.rkt” zero))
;; now you see only zero 


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