When someone learning Racket is confused by the documentation, or can't find documentation for something, should the *recommended standard practice* be to ask on the `racket-users` email list?

That gets the person a prompt informal answer/discussion, the discussion also informs other people, it captures the valuable "supply of ignorance" information about something confusing/unaddressed, it might be less a distraction to the enthusiastic person than making a bug report is, it might get the person engaged with the community on the email list, and it might provide more fodder for engaging others in answering questions on the email list (as already happens).

(Before, I suggested that they should buffer up notes of what they found confusing, thinking of that as less an interruption than making bug reports, but I wasn't thinking enough about that problem.  I'm liking a practice something like "try the documentation and Google, then ask on the email list", which I think has served everyone well.)

(Tangent: I say only "email list" here.  There's also merit to having a presence in some of the dotcom proprietary venues, just for promotional visibility, but that can be costly fragmentation in multiple ways, and we should retain a canonical venue and keep pushing people to it from our proprietary venue outposts.)

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