If it ever helps, the ancient Quack package for Emacs has a convenient and safe mode for quickly inspecting ".plt" files (page through them, isearch):


(So ancient, I just noticed, that I have it using non-antialiased fonts.)

BTW, it should probably be noted, for the benefit of non-old-timers on the list, that PLaneT is the old package system, and is deprecated.  So no need to go looking at it as something you should possibly be using.  Everyone should be using the new package system whenever possible.

Regarding untrusted code: that's an unsolved problem in general.  I was hoping for some kind of distributed trust and auditing model for the evolution of PLaneT, addressing what I'd say was one of the two main drawbacks of PLaneT for third-party developers.  And it would be really helpful for some kinds of third-party contributors if we restore, to the new package system, some support for low-friction non-backward-compatible versions.

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