How do you control the way objects of a class are printed out in
BSL/ISL/etc.? I tried implementing the 'printable' interface but all that
shows up in BSL is
   (instantiate (class ...) ...)

Here's what I tried:

;;; thingy.rkt   ===========================

#lang racket

(provide make-thingy)

(define (make-thingy i)
  (new thingy%))

(define thingy%
  (class* object% (printable<%>)

    (define/public (custom-print out quote-depth)
      (fprintf out "foo"))

    (define/public (custom-write out)
      (fprintf out "foo" ))

    (define/public (custom-display out)
      (fprintf out "foo" ))))

;;; if you run just this and type (new thingy%) it displays   foo

;;; thingy-bsl.rkt   ===========================
;;; BSL language level

(require "thingy.rkt")
(make-thingy 0)

;;; this shows    (instantiate (class ...) ...)   instead of foo

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