I'm tooling around with a current-user-directory and hierarchical-list% in
#lang racket/gui and it seems to be working adding folders works ok, but
when I delete a group of folders I get the following error;

hierarchical-list-compound-item::delete-item: item not found:
#(struct:object:hierarchical-list-item% ...)
. sequence-contract-violation: negative: method delete cannot be called,
except in states (unlocked), args 0 3

I'm guessing the  '(map (λ (i) (send this delete-item i)) (send this
get-items))' is happening too fast? I'm going to try switching to deleting
one at a time.

More importantly, if anyone is familiar with threads and can spare a moment
I'd appreciate a quick code review.

The final goal is to have make a Dr racket tool/plugin that shows the
current directory, functions/methods/classes like {visual-studio xcode atom
emacs vim eclipse netbeans etc.}. (Working on the directory control helps
me get my head around hierarchical-list%, and I can make it into a small

Kind regards,


#lang racket/gui
(require framework mrlib/hierlist)
(define window (new frame% [label "directory-hlist"] [width 600] [height
(define directory-hlist%
  (class hierarchical-list%
    (inherit get-dc refresh)
    (init-field [directory-path (current-directory-for-user)])
    (define (dir-name-from-path path)
      (define-values (base name must-be-dir?) (split-path path))
    (define/private (populate-d-hlist)
       (λ (path)
         (if (directory-exists? path)
             (send (send (send this new-list) get-editor)
                   insert (path->string (dir-name-from-path path)))
             (send (send (send this new-item) get-editor)
                   insert (path->string (file-name-from-path path)))))
       (directory-list directory-path)))

    (define/private (directory-change-catcher)
      (define f (filesystem-change-evt (current-directory-for-user)))
      (thread (λ ()
                (sync f)
                (displayln "caught2!")
                (map (λ (i) *(send this delete-item i)*) (send this


(define nav-hlist (new directory-hlist% [parent window]
                       [directory-path (current-directory-for-user)]))

(send window show #t)

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