> I have to redo my tools once more, and am sick of my current `(doc ...)` 
> and `@doc` format, *and the resulting dependency on McFly.* 

Could you elaborate on your experience with this? For a module with 
embedded docs I'd want to treat them the same as tests: in a special 
submodule which results in "build-time" dependencies instead of runtime 
dependencies. With the current package build system, users could install my 
package with embedded docs in pre-built form without installing build-time 
dependencies using `raco pkg install 
--catalog https://pkg-build.racket-lang.org/server/built/catalog/ --binary 
mypackage`, assuming they're running the same version of Racket as the 
package build server.

My gut instinct is that I'd like to explore making pre-built package 
installations more automatic and pain-free for package users, rather than 
asking package developers to avoid adding dependencies entirely by using 
special comments and separately installed special tools. Putting docs in 
specially-formatted comments means running my code in DrRacket won't check 
my docs for syntax errors.

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