As part of something I'm working on I want to convert a stream of values 
into a stream of pairs of values, e.g.

  1 2 3 4

  (1 2) (3 4)

The following seems to work fine:

(define (pairwise-stream astream)
  (if (stream-empty? astream)
        (stream-first astream)
        (stream-first (stream-rest astream)))
        (stream-rest (stream-rest astream))))))

but I'd like my 2nd or 3rd test to detect a problem with a stream of odd 
length and haven't figured out how yet. Here's my attempt (lengths 0 and 2 
work fine, length 1 shows a contract violation, but my test doesn't detect 

  (pairwise-stream empty-stream))
 (stream->list empty-stream))

; hmmm, how to detect this correctly?
; exn:fail:contract?
; (stream-first
;  (pairwise-stream (stream-cons 1 empty-stream))))

 (stream->list (pairwise-stream (stream-cons 1 (stream-cons 2 
 (stream->list (stream-cons (cons 1 2) empty-stream)))

I'd be grateful for advice.



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