Since the release of 6.11, it appears there’s been a major major performance 
regression in the display of 3d plots in the interactions window.

To see this, try running this program (from the plot docs), then try to drag 
the image around.

On a fresh download of the snapshot, dragging is unusable; you can click and 
drag, but all you’ll see is frantic GC. Sometimes, after releasing the handle, 
the display updates. This problem does not appear to be present in the released 
version of 6.11.

Also, FWIW, this is running OS X High Sierra, just upgraded about a week ago.

Also possibly related; I’ve been having serious trouble running programs that 
display long (200-300 lines) blocks of text in the interactions window. I’ll 
see (say) twelve and a half lines of purple output, then wait for three 
seconds, then another few lines of output, wait a few seconds, etc. etc.

I’d be happy to submit this as a github issue…would it go into the 
racket/drracket repo, or the racket/racket repo?


#lang racket

(require plot)

(require (only-in plot/utils bounds->intervals linear-seq))
(define (norm2 x y) (exp (* -1/2 (+ (sqr (- x 5)) (sqr y)))))
(define x-ivls (bounds->intervals (linear-seq 2 8 16)))
(define y-ivls (bounds->intervals (linear-seq -5 5 16)))
(define x-mids (linear-seq 2 8 15 #:start? #f #:end? #f))
(define y-mids (linear-seq -5 5 15 #:start? #f #:end? #f))
(plot3d (rectangles3d (append*
                         (for/list ([y-ivl  (in-list y-ivls)]
                                    [y  (in-list y-mids)])
                           (for/list ([x-ivl  (in-list x-ivls)]
                                      [x  (in-list x-mids)])
                             (define z (norm2 x y))
                             (vector x-ivl y-ivl (ivl 0 z)))))
                        #:alpha 3/4
                        #:label "Appx. 2D Normal”))

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