I'm trying to use the "raco check-requires" command to determine which
requires I should remove from my source files, and the command fails when I
include one of my files (the application compiles and runs fine).  

I managed to reproduce the case as follows:

    ;; Save this in "file1.rkt"
    #lang racket/base
    (require racket/class)

    (define foo%
      (class object%
        (init-field name)

    (provide foo%)

    ;; Save this in "file2.rkt"
    #lang racket/base
    (require "file1.rkt")

When running check requires ("raco check-requires file2.rkt"), I would 
that "file1.rkt" to be reported as a useless include, instead I get the
following error:

    $ raco check-requires file2.rkt
    derivation-parser: error on token #280: <macro-post-transform, 
(detect-field-unsafe-undefine...> . 
#<syntax:E:\Alex\t\al\al2\rkt\file1.rkt:5:2 (class object% (init-field 
    (file "file2.rkt"):
    ERROR in (file "file2.rkt")

Interestingly, if I compile the files using "raco make file2.rkt", the
check-requires command works fine:

    $ raco make file2.rkt
    $ raco check-requires file2.rkt
    (file "file2.rkt"):
    DROP "file1.rkt" at 0

Could someone clarify what is "check-requires" complaining about in the 
case?  Is this command only supposed to be run after the code was compiled?


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