> I can wrap the property around the target identifier, but the syntax property 
> doesn't stick:
> (provide (rename-out [mb #%module-begin]))
> (define-syntax mb (make-rename-transformer (syntax-property 
> #'other-module-begin 'foo "bar")))
> (define-syntax other-module-begin (λ (stx) #'foo))
We've seen this problem before.
It has to do with module boundaries and how syntax properties are preserved.

It's been a while since I wrote this, but the work around I used was exporting 
the identifier that *expanded into code* that inserted the syntax property.
This way, ths property doesn't need to be preserve, since it gets inserted 
every time it is used:
> The workaround seems to be: if you want to stash an identifier in a 
> syntax-property, expand into syntax that attaches the syntax-property. That 
> is, don't do (define x (syntax-property #'id 'prop #'stx)) and then use x in 
> a syntax object, but generate #`(... (syntax-property #'id 'prop #'stx ...)) 

William J. Bowman

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