Hello everyone,

A while ago I had written a MessagePack library Racket:

Yesterday I made a change to narrow down some of the types from `Any` 
(which is
wrong) to `Packable`. This has tanked my performance to the point where the
tests for non-scalar types (vectors and hashes) time out on the package 
and thus fail.

Please let me provide some context first: MessagePack is a serialisation 
similar to JSON, except binary, so it should be smaller and faster. Only
certain types can be packed (serialised) and unpacked (deserialised). Here 
the specification:

TL;DR: numbers, strings, byte string, booleans, some null element (I use 
and arrays and dictionaries of any of these. I grouped the union of these 
into the compound type `Packable`:

I have also defined a predicate for this new type:

As you can see the `Packable` type is recursive; if an object is a vector 
or a
hash table then all its elements have to be packable as well. Could this be 
reason for the performance loss? Another thing I noticed is that the 
does not provide any proposition, if it succeeds the type checker is not
informed that the object is of type `Packable`. Another is that Typed Racket
seems unable to narrow down the type of the result. Take a look at this

    > (require msgpack)
    > (define bs (call-with-output-bytes (λ (out) (pack 3 out))))
    > bs
    - : Bytes
    > (define v (call-with-input-bytes bs (λ (in) (unpack in))))
    > v
    - : Packable
    > (+ v 3)
    ; readline-input:8:3: Type Checker: type mismatch
    ;   expected: Number
    ;   given: Packable
    ;   in: v
    ; [,bt for context]
    > (exact-integer? v)
    - : Boolean

So the type checker can figure out that v is an integer, but it cannot 
treat it
as one for addition.

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