On Wednesday, August 30, 2017 at 2:39:04 PM UTC-4, dvanhorn wrote:
> How can I make definitions-area examples using the HtDP languages in 
> Scribble? 
> I tried the following, but since the evaluator corresponds to the 
> interactions-area, it complains about definitions not being allowed: 
> #lang scribble/manual 
> @(require racket/sandbox scribble/example) 
> @title{Notes} 
> @(define my-evaluator 
>    (parameterize ([sandbox-output 'string] 
>                   [sandbox-error-output 'string]) 
>      (make-evaluator '(lib "lang/htdp-beginner.ss")))) 
> @examples[ 
>  #:no-prompt 
>  #:eval my-evaluator 
>  (define (distance x y) (sqrt (+ (sqr x) (sqr y)))) 
>  (distance (distance 3 4) 5)] 

I just wanted to follow up on this since I still haven't been able to make 
HtDP-definitions-window examples work in Scribble.  I would like to be able 
to write something like this:

#lang scribble/manual
@(require racket/sandbox

@(define isl-eval
  (make-base-eval #:lang '(special intermediate-lambda)))

@title{An Example}

@examples[#:eval isl-eval
@#reader scribble/comment-reader (racketblock
;; factorial : Natural -> Natural
;; Compute n!
(check-expect (factorial 5) 120)
(define (factorial n)
  (cond [(zero? n) 1]
        [else (* n (factorial (sub1 n)))])))]

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