I'm pleased to announce a new (e)book my mine that may be of interest to 
Racket programmers. It's called *Server: Racket—Practical Web Programming 
with the Racket HTTP Server*. 

I wrote the book to help those who are interested in doing web programming 
in Racket. (If you've already done lots of web programming in Racket, 
there's likely very little in the book for you.) It's a suite of tutorials 
on a variety of bread-and-butter topics in web programming. It assumes some 
knowledge of Racket (it's not really an introduction to the language), but 
not much. My ultimate goal is to to make Racket more widely used in web 
programming. Racket is, in my view, advanced technology and deserves more 
attention, in general, and I believe that an investment in Racket can pay 
dividends on the web, in particular.

Web devel is a big umbrella; many things fall under it in one way or 
another, and one has to set boundaries to keep the discussion from becoming 
unwieldy. *Server: Racket* is largely devoted to the task of laying out 
what it takes to build HTTP APIs in Racket, though it does also discuss 
traditional topics such as HTML form processing and generating HTML, too. 
The book does not (in its current form, anyway) exploit a central feature 
of Racket, namely, the ease of crafting languages to solve problems. Most 
of the book is, in other words, "racket racket"; it belongs more in the 
"batteries included" part of the Racket picture, and not so much in the 
"make a language" part.

You can learn more at http://serverracket.com, where you can find the table 
of contents to get a sense of the scope of the book, as well as a sample 
chapter to get a sense of the style and approach.


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