Thank you for this quick and easy solution, this help!

I am still curious however, why it is in such a way, that so many other 
forms are available, but `match` must be required. I could imagine that 
`match` is a complex thing under the covers, but I am not sure whether that 
is the reason or something else.

Or maybe there is even a general reason for multiple forms not being 
available in Lazy Racket?
If there is no general reason, maybe we can create a list of not available 
ones and put it in the Lazy Racket docs, including ways, if there are any, 
to get the forms available when using Lazy Racket.

On Friday, December 8, 2017 at 10:29:02 PM UTC+1, Ben Greenman wrote:
> You can `(require racket/match)`. Make sure to force the match expression! 
> #lang lazy 
> (require racket/match) 
> (match (! (string->symbol "a")) 
>   ['a 'a] 
>   ['b 'b]) 

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