Hello!  I'm fairly new to Racket, but not to Scheme.  I'm very impressed
with everything that's available.

One thing I miss from Guile is the cooperative REPL support:

It's possible to spawn a REPL that runs in such a way that coordinates
with an event loop, or (egads) runs inside its own thread.  This turns
out to be very helpful when doing web development or game
development... *especially* networked game development.  If you see the
video on this page (scroll down a bit):


you can see me giving a talk where the talk is itself a multiplayer text
adventure, in which the audience is participating.  Thanks to Guile's
cooperative REPL, I'm able to change components of the world in response
to players' suggestions, without kicking everyone out.

I looked and I couldn't find such a thing in Racket.  Does it exist and
I'm just missing it?  How hard would it be to integrate with a program?

 - Christopher Lemmer Webber

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