I built a similar control, although it does not represent directory paths, 
just labels which are stacked vertically. I ended up defining a structure 
to hold the text and width + height of each label and keep these structures 
in a list. In my case, all labels have the same size so converting a mouse 
coordinate to a list index is just arithmetic, but it could be extended to 
support variable width labels and just search the list in linear time to 
convert a mouse coordinate to a list index. The number of items in the 
control should be small enough that linear search should not be a 

You can find the definition of the control here:


To convert it to variable width labels, the `hover-candiate` function would 
have to be changed (third `cond` option) to do a linear search on the label 
widths. `label-box-dimensions` would also have to change to report the 
actual label width and height for all labels (currently all labels have the 
dimensions of the largest one).

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