* I have boiled down my problem to the minimal example at the end of the 

* Basically, I'm running a formlet form in 'cycles' on itself to filter 
some list data

* on the initial invocation, the bindings in the request are empty, as 
request bindings: ()
stop: #f, use-name-filter?: #f, name-filter: #f

* submitting the form without selecting a list item results in the binding 
for the list to be missing (hence a contract violation on parsing by 
formlet-process, which results in default values):
request bindings: (#(struct:binding:form input_1 ) #(struct:binding:form 
input_2 ))
stop: #f, use-name-filter?: #f, name-filter: #f

* even when selecting a list item, the other values are not bound to their 
'control values' (boolean and string), but to the binding:form structs:
request bindings: (#(struct:binding:form input_0 0) #(struct:binding:form 
input_1 ) #(struct:binding:form input_2 abc))
stop: #<stop>, use-name-filter?: #(struct:binding:form input_1 ), 
name-filter: #(struct:binding:form input_2 abc)

* (the problem is the same with a different handler for the submit button, 
without the form returning to itself)

* Any suggestions on what I most probably misunderstand would be welcome.

Thanks for your consideration,


#lang web-server/insta

(require web-server/http/bindings)
(require web-server/formlets)
(require web-server/formlets/input)

(struct stop (id name))

(define stops (list (stop 1 "Foo")
                    (stop 2 "Bar")
                    (stop 3 "Baz")))

(define (start request)
  (render-info-page request))

(define form-formlet
   (#%# (div ,{(select-input stops
                             #:attributes '((size "40"))
                             #:display (lambda (stop)
                                         (stop-name stop))) . => . stop})
        (div ,{(checkbox "" #t) . => . use-name-filter?}
             "Name filter "
             ,{(text-input) . => . name-filter}))
   (values stop use-name-filter? name-filter)))

(define (render-info-page request)
  (printf "request bindings: ~a~n" (force (request-bindings/raw-promise 
  (define-values (stop use-name-filter? name-filter)
    (with-handlers ([(lambda (e) #t) (lambda (e) (values #f #f #f))])
      (formlet-process form-formlet request)))
  (printf "stop: ~a, use-name-filter?: ~a, name-filter: ~a~n" stop 
use-name-filter? name-filter)
  (define (response-generator embed/url)
       (head (title "Stop Info"))
       (body (h1 "List of Stops")
             (h2 ,(if stop
                      (stop-name stop)
                      "no stop selected"))
             (form ([action ,(embed/url render-info-page)])
                   ,@(formlet-display form-formlet)
                   (p (input ([type "submit"]))))
  (send/suspend/dispatch response-generator))

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