On Fri, Jan 05, 2018 at 08:09:59AM -0800, Andrew Kent wrote:
> In case you didn't see, there's a blog post (by Jay) about writing Conway's 
> game of life in Racket. It spends some time talking about various 
> optimizations to get performance:
> http://jeapostrophe.github.io/2013-11-18-life-post.html

Long ago in the 60's, on an old PDP-11 running an early Unix, I 
implemented a Live using quad-trees for storage after I noticed by 
drawing on a lengthy printout that at each level of the quadtree, only 
about half of the quads has objects in them.  The empty ones I could 
leave out  of storage and not do much computation with them (except at 
the edges in case they wee to come back to life).

I could get simply *huge* Life patterns on this rather small machine (by 
today's standards) without running out of RAM.  I did have to rescale 
the screen display several times.  A pixel ended up meaning something 
like "there is something in this 8x8 block".

Well, what had to be used as a pixel on an ascii-text-only terminal.

-- hendrik

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