(flat-contract-with-explanation get-explanation   [#:name name])  →
get-explanation : (-> any/c (or/c boolean? (-> blame? any)))
name : any/c = (object-name get-explanation)

When I try to create a contract that means "a list of length >= 2", I
get the following:

  (lambda (l)
    (cond [(and (list? l) (>= (length l) 2))]
      (lambda (blame)
        (raise-blame-error blame l '(expected: "list with length >=
2"\ngiven: "~e" )))]))
         #:name 'foo)
; application: procedure does not accept keyword arguments
;   procedure: flat-contract-with-explanation

What am I not understanding?

PS:  I know I could do (-> (and/c list? (lambda (l) (>= (length l)
2)))) any) but I wanted to get something that wouldn't return ??? in
the error message

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