Hello all,

So I'm trying to write a social networking application using Racket's
GUI toolkit.  Most if it is going well, but the tricky thing is that the
user content has rich text (coming from HTML)... a simple message% won't
do, since I need to insert links and text and images and etc, but
luckily the editor% tools seem to be working well enough.  I'm doing
something like the following:

(define freezable-text%
  (class text:hide-caret/selection%
    (inherit begin-edit-sequence end-edit-sequence
             get-max-width find-snip position-location)
    (define immutable? #f)
    (define/public (freeze!)
      (set! immutable? #t))
    (define/public (thaw!)
      (set! immutable? #f))
    (define/augment (can-insert? start len)
      (not immutable?))
    (define/augment (can-delete? start len)
      (not immutable?))

(define a-frame (new frame% [label "foo"]))
(define ec (new editor-canvas%
                [parent a-frame]
                [style '(no-scroll no-vscroll)]))
(define a-text (new freezable-text%
                    [auto-wrap #t]))
(send ec set-editor text)
(send a-text insert "Blah blah blah\n\nblah blah")
(send a-text freeze!)

So now I've got some text that renders okay, it line wraps, etc etc.
The problem is, I want to add a panel with a bunch of these, and I want
each of these "rich text" things to be exactly the height of their
contents.  I can't figure out how to do it... either I have
stretchable-text set to #t and I'm stuck with whatever size it scales
to, or I set stretchable-text to #f and the rich text canvas is only a
few pixels high... not enough to see any content.

I'm going to be blitting a "timeline", so the behavior I'd really like
is to have each of these be the appropriate height of their content, and
the panel to have hscroll auto-enabled so that can be scrolled if

I thought about setting the minimum height, but I can't seem to figure
out how to get the value of the full "text contents" height in pixels...

Any ideas?  Thanks!

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