Christopher Lemmer Webber writes:

> Matthew Flatt writes:
>> At Wed, 10 Jan 2018 10:29:28 -0600, Christopher Lemmer Webber wrote:
>>> I'm still not sure how to find out what the "total" height of the text
>>> is in an editor.  Does anyone know how to look that up?
>> I think the `get-extent` method will report the size you want.
> Thank you so much!  That plus the vertical-inset info gave me what I
> needed:
> (let ((h-box (box 0)))
>   (send test-text2 get-extent #f h-box)
>   (send test-ec min-height (+ (inexact->exact (unbox h-box))
>                               (* (send test-ec vertical-inset) 2)))
>   (send test-ec stretchable-height #f))

Horray, this works!  I'm now able to display content and it's nicely
line-wrapped, etc.

Only one problem: Now I have a ton of "editors" which were probably
never meant to be used like this for hundreds of little "microblogs". ;)
The main issue is that scrolling with all these editor canvases in place
is super slow and really chews up CPU.  (When I'm not scrolling, it
seems fine.)

I wonder if there are any obvious hacks I could perform?  Caching things
(is it possible to grab a bitmap of the current text editor's display
content?), replacing the canvases with blank content when not being
looked at, etc?

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