In the docs for places 
(, the example shows 
creating a place like so:
 "place-worker.rkt" 'place-main)

When I do this on LInux (haven't tried other systems yet), the search path 
starts at my home directory and fails to find the file. It's not a huge 
problem since I can invoke it with the full path:
(dynamic-place (build-path (current-directory) "place-worker.rkt") 

but this does seem like either an error in the docs or in the behavior of 
the dynamic-place procedure. At first I was thinking our other `path-spec?` 
procedures start with the current module's directory, but then I noticed it 
actually uses a `module-spec?`. The only other time I really use that, 
though, is for `require`, which certainly does start in the current 
module's directory.

Should I submit a change in the docs? In the procedure? Am I barking up the 
wrong tree?

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