To me, one of the redeeming qualities of units in Racket is that they make 
"the tent" bigger. Modules may usually be the right way in Racket, but the 
grace of Racket is that modules are not "The one true way" because the 
Racket community tends to eschew the OTW concept when it comes to computer 
languages (while tending to embrace it when it comes to teaching languages).

One way of putting it is that by linking Racket to ML, Units enrich the 
Racket ecosystem. Conceptually, Units provides an outbound pointer rather 
than an internal/self-referential one. Units provide greater diversity in 
the way I can think about programming and allow me to explore their 
abstractions within the Racket ecosystem in the same way Racklog does. If 
nothing else the Units documentation is good reading. Racket would be 
poorer without Units...but I don't have to maintain them.


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