Hi everyone,

I am working on an FFI which overall progresses well - the Racket FFI library is really a very nice tool to have.

The one problem I couldn't solve yet is handling resource allocation. My use case is very similar to what allocator/deallocator are meant for, except that the allocated object is not the return value of any function, and therefore I cannot use allocator.

I have an API like

   int make_foo(foo** new_foo);
   int destroy_foo(foo* a_foo);

so my FFI definitions look like

  (define _foo (_cpointer 'foo))

  (define-fooapi make-foo
     (_fun (foo : (_ptr o _foo)
            -> (r : _int)
            -> (values r foo))

  (define-fooapi destroy-foo
     (_fun _foo -> _void))

Given that make-foo returns two values, I cannot use #:wrap to make it an allocator.

Since the C API I am wrapping is pretty standard, I suspect others have had this problem before. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

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