Hi everyone,

I am desperately in need of a #lang exact so that decimals are read as
exact values.

I thought this would be extremely simple:

(module reader racket/base
  (provide (rename-out (exact-read read)
                       (exact-read-syntax read-syntax)))
  (require (rename-in racket/base (read base:read) (read-syntax
  (define (exact-read . in)
    (parameterize ((read-decimal-as-inexact #f))
      (apply base:read in)))
  (define (exact-read-syntax . in)
    (parameterize ((read-decimal-as-inexact #f))
      (apply base:read-syntax in))))‚Äč
It installs alright, though chokes on building docs for some reason, but
then when I attempt to use it:
..\exact\lang\reader.rkt:13:6: read-syntax: arity mismatch;
 the expected number of arguments does not match the given number
  expected: 0 to 2
  given: 6

Why is read-syntax getting six arguments?


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