At Fri, 26 Jan 2018 04:40:44 -0800 (PST), Leff Ivanov wrote:
> Is it possible for example running DrRacket on Windows to generate 
> standalone native executables for Mac OSX and some generic Linux 
> distribution?

It should be possible from the command line, although there's a lot of
room to improve the tooling.


for the main hint. When you want to use your Windows installation and
pretend that you're running on some target platform (e.g., to generate
executables), you use

 racket -C -G ‹cross-dir›/etc -X ‹cross-dir›/collects -l- raco ....

where ‹cross-dir› is an installation for the target platform.

To get a ‹cross-dir›, unpack the corresponding "Minimal Racket" tarball

Most likely, you'll need some packages in that installation to use for
your executable, so you'll set up the packages for a ‹cross-dir› with

 racket -C -G ‹cross-dir›/etc -X ‹cross-dir›/collects -l- raco pkg install ....

When whatever packages your program uses are ready in ‹cross-dir›, then

 racket -C -G ‹cross-dir›/etc -X ‹cross-dir›/collects -l- raco exe ....
 racket -C -G ‹cross-dir›/etc -X ‹cross-dir›/collects -l- raco dist ....

should work to produce an executable and then a distribution.

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