I have a Racket package that creates a GUI launcher using
gracket-launcher-names and gracket-launcher-libraries in the info.rkt file.

The package includes a module that programmatically generates the icons for
the GUI launcher at the expected paths ("my-application.png" and so forth).
I would like to have raco setup run this code before it builds the
launcher, but I haven't figured out how to get the code to run at the right

I initially tried adding pre-install-collection to the info.rkt file, but
that is run before the collection is compiled, which means it doesn't work
if there is a .zo file that is out-of-date. I then tried using
install-collection, but that seems to be run after the launcher has been
created: it generates the icon files, but the launcher is created using the
default icon.

Is there a recommended way to do this? I guess I could have the install
function use install-gracket-program-launcher manually, instead of using
gracket-launcher-names and gracket-launcher-libraries, but that seems less


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