So I am using Racket's logging facilities in a command-line tool I'm 
developing. I have various defined loggers in a sensible hierarchical 
configuration for use as needed.

During the tool's start up period prior to calling the main function I set 
up a log receiver to receive messages at the desired level and place it 
inside a sync loop within its own thread. Each time a sync event is 
received, it is written out to the port, then loop back to waiting for the 
next sync event.

It works reasonably well except I have a new problem, when the tool exits, 
it often exits before the thread handling the log receiver propagation to 
the port has finished receiving all the log events, as a result my logging 
output is frequently truncated.

Given this undesired situation, I need to figure out a better way to 
reliably propagate all log messages to ports before the tool exits normally 
or due to a raised exception.

There is `with-logging-to-port` except I will need to set up multiple ports 
and the idea of wrapping the tool's main body with multiple 
`with-logging-to-port` for each port isn't appealing and it still doesn't 
resolve the problem.

I was wondering if anyone has a better suggestion? Is there a way to detect 
if there are pending log events waiting to be received by the log receiver?

I realize the fundamental nature of my issue is that Racket's logging is 
asynchronous while I want synchronous behavior. I may be better off just 
using old-fashioned `println`s

Thank you for your suggestions.

Alexander McLin

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