Thanks all for your inputs.

I tried `with-intercepted-logged` before though it didn't solve all of my 
issues, though as Robby mentioned, my code probably isn't accurately 
capturing all of the start and exit nuances my need reflect, I'll need to 
think more about the big picture to do a better job of capturing it.

gneuner2, I think your idea combined with either `with-intercepted-logged` 
or `with-logging-to-port` will go a long way towards solving my problem. 
I'm unsure by what is meant by "shutting down the logger" I'm guessing you 
mean associating a will with the logger so when the thread is killed or the 
custodian is shutdown, the will will execute and handle the final log 
cleanup? I guess using Robby's suggestion of using a channel to communicate 
start-up/exit states to a logging subsystem would help in that respect too.

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