Hi everyone,

I'm having a hard time understanding the docs for raco exe and raco

tl;dr main.rkt has to (dynamic-require user-selected.rkt) and
user-selected.rkt is written in a different #lang and requires a file from
this program. How do I glue these pieces together for raco exe / raco

My program has two things which seem to be hanging me up. The first is that
a file is grabbed with (dynamic-require) based on a path obtained by the
user with (get-file ...). This file is written in a different #lang and
uses (require ...) for some syntax transformers.

The exe builds alright but chokes when used because it can't find the #lang
and can't find the (require ...).

Ideally the file which is given to (dynamic-require ...) could be in any
folder the user chooses, but then the (require ...) statement would be all
over the map and I don't understand what I'm supposed to do to resolve
this. If it helps, the file is already required by the program and isn't
used only by the user-selected file. ++copy-collects doesn't seem to grab
#lang folders correctly or I don't understand how to use it.

Can someone give me some guidance here?


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