> On Feb 2, 2018, at 10:23 AM, 'John Clements' via Racket Users 
> <racket-users@googlegroups.com> wrote:
> This macro gets the names in much closer to the corresponding patterns than 
> matching by index, but it doesn’t actually embed the names into the regexp.

If you like keeping the names and patterns together, you could also create an 
association list of the names and subpatterns, and iterate:

#lang racket

(define msg "2018-02-02T11:26:34 someuser some-computername01 
something broke")
(with-input-from-string msg
    (for/hash ([(name pat) (in-dict '((date . "[-\\dT:]+")
                                      (username . "\\w+")
                                      (hostname . "[-\\w\\d]+")
                                      (ip . "[\\d\\.]+")
                                      (message . ".+")))])
              (values name (car (regexp-match (pregexp pat) 

'#hash((message . #" something broke")
       (date . #"2018-02-02T11:26:34")
       (username . #"someuser")
       (hostname . #"some-computername01")
       (ip . #""))

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