I am far from being a web dev so please bear with me. I need to do a
simple web interface with two text areas side-by-side in order to
test-drive a commercial product from a web interface. The user writes on
the left side. The content is driven through a server side app (in
racket but I don't think it matters for this use case) and the output is
shown on the right-most box.

This is similar, although not necessarily as complex as the Compiler
Explorer:  https://gcc.godbolt.org/

Compiler Explorer is written in NodeJS (with layout by Golden Layout).
That's a non-starter. I look at the source (available in github) and
doesn't say much.

I am curious, could this be potentially written in pure racket? I have
heard of Whalesong as a sort of racket replacement to JS.

Any references to how to even start implementing something like this in

Kind regards,
Paulo Matos

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