I use Nix, but mostly for Haskell currently, rather than Racket. I did
prototype a nix project with Racket. I don't have the sources at my
fingertips. I'll report if I look back and see anything helpful for you.

It looks like you are trying to tie into the Racket package system. We
didn't try to do so, we were just trying to go from a git clone to a
common development environment in one step.

I do remember modifying the racket derivation in the nixpkgs repo. I
don't think that got pushed upstream. The Racket derivation needed to be
parameterized to find the opengl libs/drivers. I also remember that I
couldn't get this to work reliably on any OS except NixOS. Any opengl
program was going to have similar trouble since the libs are a function
of the drivers which can't really be provided by Nix on non NixOS
platforms. This situation was more of a reflection on the state of
OpenGL than Nix in my opinion, but we ended up developing in a NixOs vm
for this reason only. I don't remember what other changes I made, this
was the biggest pain point. I did integrate with other foreign functions.

Anthony Carrico

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