It appears that a `filesystem-change-evt` created with a path referring to
a symbolic link effectively watches the target of the link for changes, not
the link itself. For example, deleting the link and creating a new link
that points to a different target does not cause the event to become ready
for synchronization. (I've included a demonstration program at the end of
this email.)

If this is the expected behavior, it seems like it would be worth
mentioning in the documentation for `filesystem-change-evt`.


#lang racket

;; Displays "Orig target changed".
;; Tested on Mac OS and Ubuntu.
;; Would need to be changed to test on Windows
;; because Windows only has directory-level precision.

(define basedir
  (make-temporary-file "rkttmp~a" 'directory))

(define a-path
  (build-path basedir "a"))

(define b-path
  (build-path basedir "b"))

(define link-path
  (build-path basedir "link"))

(define (main)
  (let/ec return
    (write-to-file 'a a-path)
    (write-to-file 'b b-path)
    (make-file-or-directory-link a-path link-path)
    (define evt
      (filesystem-change-evt link-path))
    (define (check-evt message)
      (sync/timeout 0
                    (handle-evt evt
                                (λ (_)
                                  (displayln message)
                                  (return (void))))))
     (λ ()
       (check-evt "At start")
       (delete-file link-path)
       (check-evt "Link deleted")
       (make-file-or-directory-link b-path link-path)
       (check-evt "New link created")
       (write-to-file 'changed b-path #:exists 'truncate/replace)
       (check-evt "New target changed")
       (write-to-file 'changed a-path #:exists 'truncate/replace)
       (check-evt "Orig target changed")
       (displayln "Shouldn't get here"))
     (λ ()
       (filesystem-change-evt-cancel evt)))))

 (λ ()
    #:must-exist? #f)))

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