My 'handy' module was failing to build with the following message:

require: PLaneT could not download the package "neil/html-parsing:3":
tcp-connect: connection failed;

This is obviously not a specific problem with the code, but it made me
check on the neil/html-parsing module and I noticed that the require line
listed in the docs is now:

         (planet neil/html-parsing:1:2/html-parsing)

As opposed to:

         (planet neil/html-parsing:3:0)

I'm not sure where I got the 3:0 version but I've had this code for a year
or two now and it's worked.  Still, I've updated that in my code and pushed
it but I wasn't sure how soon the package server would see it?  (I'm
assuming that the TCP issue is temporary so just need to make sure my code
will be sound when it comes back.)

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