> On Mar 10, 2018, at 6:46 PM, Alex Knauth <alexan...@knauth.org> wrote:
> The macro expander merges syntax properties between the input of a macro and 
> the output of a macro using `cons`. That means that if there is an 
> identity-macro call like this:
> (identity-macro x)
> where both `x` and `(identity-macro x)` have the property `'prop = 5`, the 
> final result has the property `'prop = (cons 5 5)`.
> To avoid this merging, I would like to "delete" the `'prop` property on the 
> `x`. According to the docs for syntax property, it returns #false if no value 
> is associated with the key. So it seems like the way to "delete" it is to set 
> it to #false.
> However, this method of "deleting" doesn't get rid of the merging. Instead I 
> get `'prop = (cons #false 5)`.

> Is there a better way of deleting properties? 

In the expander code I found this [1]:

(define (syntax-property-remove s key)
  (if (hash-ref (syntax-props s) key #f)
      (struct-copy syntax s
                   [props (hash-remove (syntax-props s) key)])

Is there a reason why this is not provided as part of the syntax property 


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