> On Mar 11, 2018, at 4:33 PM, 'Paulo Matos' via Racket Users 
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> Hi,
> I found the style guide a really great idea and generally very useful 
> (although it's a shame the lack of content on the section of classes).

Well, I thought of writing one but what came about was this: 


which isn’t a style guide but an essay on first-class classes. 

> I have started a small script to check source code style based on the style 
> guide. Simple things like spaces at the end of lines, lack of newline at the 
> end of file, lines longer than 102 chars etc. However, I would like to know 
> if there's anything already out there before I try to get more complex 
> features implemented.

As Robby says, some very basic style guide thingies are available in DrRacket. 
Many are not. 

Leif A. has implemented an indentation checker that takes into account the 
preferences somewhat. 

Combining all these pieces into a style checker tool would be __really cool__. 

— Matthias

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